About Us

North Louth Hospice Foundation was formed in 1992 with the objective of providing assistance to people diagnosed with Cancer and their families in the North Louth Area.  Having begun by providing small pieces of specialised equipment and home help to assist the seriously ill in 1992 the NLH Foundation has expanded dramatically in the intervening 18 years since its formation as a registered charity. Having started with a committee of 10 members in 1992 to-day the organisation involves volunteers who contribute their time and efforts without remuneration. NLH has no paid employees all are volunteers and all are dedicated to “Cancer Support for the Community”.

The organisation is based around a Limited Company with charitable status . We have evolved into a very formal structure which has assured  continued stability since  formation.

North Louth Hospice and Homecare Foundation Ltd:
The Board of NLH is comprised of three Directors, Council officers, and Trustees with Professional Accounting, Legal, Medical, and Business expertise.

Working Council
The council is comprised of elected officers, Chairperson,Treasurer,Secretary and an elected Council Volunteers.

Service Co-ordinators

  • Driver coordinators
  • Equipment Coordinators
  • Homecare Services
  • Shop Coordinators
  • Secretarial Treasurer and Finance.


Organisation Structure